Sacred Roots Healing provides for your Mind, Body, Emotions, and Spirit:

Mind: Mindfulness Meditation, Education on the Neuroscience of Stress & Trauma, and Understanding the Nervous System connection in ourselves, in our communities, and in the world around us

Body: Breathwork, Self-Massage, Primal Vinyasa, and other Therapeutic Body Movement

(Breathwork is often used to promote nervous system regulation and provide a grounding force. Our breath is our life. By using one of the most primal features of our bodies, our breath, we can create a system of healing)

(Primal Vinyasa™ encourages students to break free from their habitual movement patterns and experience the authentic, natural wisdom within their bodies. We will be practicing Primal Vinyasa as a way to have an embodied experience integrated into our healing circles)

Emotions: Safe Community- being seen and heard by others within a supportive circle can provide a wellspring of healing for our emotions and feelings

Spirit: Healing Alters & Medicine Wheels, Dream Journaling & other Writing, Healing Family & Ancestral Patterns, Image Making & other Creative & Spirit-Filled Therapies